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Ski Tune-Ups for $49.95!



Ski Tune-Ups for $49.95!

We have invested in several new machines in the past 2 years.  A new stone grinder, and a new automated edge sharpening machine.  We strive to give you the best possible tune.  We only offer one ski tune, it is the best ski tune we can do.  Turn around time if dropped off in our Valatie store is usually about 48 hours.  If dropped off in either our Glenmont or Hudson store is usually 4-5 days. 

The price for our ski tune is $49.95  It includes.

Base grind

Ptex repair

Stone ground finish

Beveling and sharpening on both side and  base edges

Hot wax applied and buffed

The result?  A stone ground textured factory finish

Compare our quality, you won't find a better tune in the Capital district.

Below is a brief description of our ski tune service.



Here you see the ski going through our Wintersteiger tuner.  The first step is to grind the surface of the ski.  This cleans off the base as well as prepares the base for the next step.

Here the ski is getting a layer of p-tex laid into the gouges of the base.


Base Grind for Skis

After being p-texed the ski needs to be regound to take off the excess p-tex and bring the base back to flat.

The ski then goes thru our new wintersteinger stone grinder, which puts a "like new stone ground pattern in the sk base."

Here our new edge machine from Wintersteinger puts the ski back to original factory specs for both base and side edges.

Here is an internal look at the ski edges being ground by our automated edge machine.

At last the ski is ready to be waxed.  The waxing machine  heats up to 185 degrees.  The ski gets run across a 3M pad that impregnates the base with a coating of wax.  Then the ski gets finished off with a hand held buffing wheel and visually inspected for quality.