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      Initial Race Assessment

  • SRS Technician will meet with the athlete and their family, in which to conduct an assessment to help direct the athlete towards equipment better suited for their individual needs.

Assessment Benefits

  • SRS Technician meets with the athlete and their family to outline and define the fitting process and begin the individual athlete assessment.

  • SRS Technician will educate the athlete and their family, in which to define the benefits of a systematic fitting, relying on the symbiotic balance between the ski boots, bindings, race skis, and the individual athlete's body.

  • Together, the SRS Technician and the athlete can carve out and identify the specific need of the athlete, dependent upon the athlete's physiology, personal goals, and current abilities, in which to initially pair the athlete with the best suited equipment.

  • These variables, specific to the individual athlete to determine: the type of foot, shape of leg, range of motion of foot, ankle, leg and hip, strength of the athlete, level of racing, club program, age, level of participation, and technique/tactics athlete is currently pursuing. 

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