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Boot Fitting


How do your ski boots fit?

Are they comfortable?  Warm?  Do they perform they way you want them to?

Steiners is committed to giving you a fit you are looking for.  Whether your emphasis is on comfort, or performance.  We carry boots from Nordica, Head , Fischer & Lange.  Not for a variety of colors on our boot wall!  But rather to allow us to have different fit options.  Every boot, and boot manufacturer has unique fit characteristics. A wide toe box, narrow heel cup, roomy instep etc. These are the criteria you should use when choosing a boot.  Not color, brand loyalty, or even necessarily  price.  But it does not stop there.  Steiners has staff on hand that has successfully completed the Masters Course given by MasterFit University. So whether you are looking for a simple heel lift, a trim to fit insole from SuperFeet, or a custom Orthodic.  Steiners has the staff and the knowledge to help you with whatever problem, or need you may have.

Ski Boot Accessories


  • Hotronic Boot Heaters
  • Hotronic Boot Dryers
  • SuperFeet Insoles
  • Sole Insoles
  • Custom Orthodics
  • Eliminator Tongues
  • Booster Straps

     Steiners is proud to be a member of America's Best Boot Fitters.

With certified Boot Fitters in both our Glenmont and Valatie location.

America's Best Boot Fitters webpage