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Pole Parts & Accessories

Keep hands protected in every alpine ski race with the new Pole Guard. Low-friction pole guard The classic pole guard has an exceptionally smooth outer surface with a large coverage area for extra protection. It has no sharp edges on either the outer or the inner, so it works to minimize friction from hitting gates, helping ensure you can always find your best time. As polyethylene is unaffected by the cold, the hand protector does not become brittle, making it very well suited to use in the very coldest temperatures. Tailor your fit The guard features a drill guide so alpine ski racers can secure it closer to the pole for a personalized fit. A rubber shim gives a secure fit on 16mm pole circumferences. - Classic pole guard for alpine ski racers - Large coverage area for greater hand protection - 100% Polyethylene construction – no brittleness in extreme cold - No sharp edges on either side for better comfort - Exceptional smoothness for reduced friction against the gates - Drill guide for a personalized fit - Rubber shim for a secure fit on 16mm pole circumference
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