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Boot Heaters

Hotronic Hotronic Socks
HEAT SOCKS SET XLP ONE - CLASSIC Powered by high capacity, lithium-ion Battery Packs, Hotronic’s Heat Socks XLP ONE offer three (3) base level settings for comfort and warmth maintenance while Boost Setting 4 offers an extra blast of heat when needed. The Heat Socks Set XLP ONE – Classic include: Battery Packs XLP ONE (2 each) Recharger XLP (1 each) Heat Socks XLP PFI 50 – Classic (1 pair)
Hotronic Hotronic S4 Ski Boot Heater
S SERIES FOOTWARMER Offers up to a combined 30% increase in higher average temperatures and longer durations on a single full charge. Maintains up to 55% of a full charge and 95% of the initial capacity after four years of non-use! Provides power when needed most, in the cold! WHEREVER ONE GOES - WHATEVER ONE DOES Installs in all types of footwear. Transfers from one pair of footwear to another. Use while skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, horseback riding, and during other general cold-temperature activities.
Hotronic Hotronic S4 Battery
Hotronic’s new E4 Battery Packs feature pushbutton setting controls with LED indicator lights and a recharging time of three (3) hours or less
Hotronic Heating Elements with Self-Adhesive Fabric Cover
Large oval Heating Elements provide effective anatomical coverage of toes. Heating Elements easily install in Hotronic’s Heat Ready Insoles (Semi Custom Heat Ready Insoles or One Size Fits All Heat Ready Insoles) or on insoles of your own choice. Self-Adhesive Fabric Covers and Strips included for installation on insoles of your own choice.
Hotronic Slide Strap Brackets
For Battery Packs m4 and m3 only! Provide a low-profile, simple, secure, quick attachment of Battery Packs to Power Straps of ski boots. Keep Battery Packs positioned above and out-of-the-way-of top closure mechanism.
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